The ethical demands of translating Gender-Based Violence

The Ethical Demands of Translating Gender-Based Violence: 
a Practice-Based Research Project

Surviving TranslationFirst Screening on Friday 22 September

Feedback from the audience: 

          ‘I was really moved and it’s such a brilliant way of presenting research and amplifying women’s voices’ (trauma therapist). 

         ‘This is a powerful and beautifully made film, and Charlotte’s work is important. Translators need appropriate training in GBV/ethical issues confronting all parties’ (Gender justice trainer/activist). 

         ‘I didn’t realise subtitles were to fit a certain space […] and I definitely felt more with the hesitation included […] Guidelines […] will hopefully be adhered to and expanded all the time’ (Bereavement support worker). 

        ‘I have a better understanding of the emotional demands of translating when the clients story has deep resonance for the translator due to their own lived experience of the cultural context’ (Learning and Standards Administrator). 

        ‘I was also impacted by the exploratory subtitles which helped me to connect with the people and their stories’ (University staff).