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Surviving Translation takes an in-depth look at the ethics of translation – focusing specifically on the traumatic experiences of female migrants. Starting with Charlotte Bosseaux’s research, film director, cinematographer and editor, Ling Lee, alongside Charlotte who co-created the film, captured intimate conversations with migrants and language professionals – weaving these together with poetic and evocative imagery to create an informative and moving study on this unexamined subject.

We are very proud to present the full film with these online versions. Please refer to the text below if you wish to use the film for educational, research and commercial purposes. 

Surviving Translation © University of Edinburgh, 2023
Based on original research by Charlotte Bosseaux (co-creator, co-producer)
Director: Ling Lee (editor and co-producer)
Funded by an AHRC Research, Development and Engagement Fellowship (Grant number: AH/W000199/1)


Access to Surviving Translation is granted free of charge for educational (including university courses, translator/subtitler/interpreter trainings) and research purposes.
If you would like to screen the film at ticketed events that incur a cost (e.g., film festivals, trainings), we ask that you contact Dr Bosseaux.


We would not have been able to make Surviving Translation without the support of Saheliya, a ‘specialist mental health and well-being support organisation for black, minority ethnic, asylum seeker, refugee and migrant women and girls (12+) in the Edinburgh and Glasgow area’. If you are in a position to support their work, please consider donating using the following link. We thank you in advance for your invaluable support.

To cite the work in academic publications, please use the following format:
Bosseaux Charlotte and Ling Lee (2023) Surviving Translation, University of Edinburgh.


Dr Bosseaux welcomes feedback on her Ethical Translation research and outputs (including the film, its different translated versions and the guidelines). Please send your feedback to:

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